The Fortune Cookie is a current side project of mine. First, I ported the old Unix file-based fortune cookie program to PHP (as seen here). Next, I turned it into a WordPress plugin that stores quotations in a custom MySQL table. The plugin includes an Import function and a starting library of a thousand quotes and aphorisms. I'm using the WordPress REST API to collect information from the backend.

More about the Fortune Cookies Plugin

Recently on Twitter as @dffmonolith

Most of my writing these days is in 140-character chunks, and here are my most recent tweets.

Twitter: dffmonolith


Help Us Look for Aliens!

Whether you believe in Benevolent Overlords or BEMs, it behooves us to find the aliens before they find us. You know they’re out there, and it would be a lot less disruptive to find their radio signals than it would be to welcome them in person. Comet Hale-BoppThe SETI project has been searching for years, using hundreds of thousands of computers to process data from Arecibo using the BOINC distributed computing screensaver.

Current Team Score from SETI

If you have some spare cycles, join my team: AstroScum — Team 747680. Our combined score is pretty good for only 3 people, but it’s tough to compete against those with access to server farms. Join my team and share the credit when we discover the first verifiable alien signals!

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