Web Sites

Screenshot from FortBragg.com

Web Design and Development, specializing in Wordpress. I create themes, custom post types, custom database tables, and custom backend mechanisms for clients. I also write, create maps and illustrations, and take photographs for clients as needed.

Web Sites

Print Design

Example of print ad for Mendocino Rotary Club

Examples of print designs: postcards, ads, newsletters, flyers, posters. I've also created custom maps for my own guidebook and others.

Print Designs


Sunset at Agate Cove, Mendocino CA

Examples of my photography. There are many landscapes from interesting places, and you'll also find a lot of closeups of flowers and interesting objects and textures.


Web Design Class

Tutorial diagram illustrating the Box Model.

I taught Web Design at a local college for several years, and here are the materials I created for my students.


DFF’s Directory of Handy Links

Twitter: dffmonolith

Help Us Look for Aliens!

Comet Hale-BoppWhether you believe in Benevolent Overlords or BEMs, it behooves us to find the aliens before they find us. You know they’re out there, and it would be a lot less disruptive to find their radio signals than it would be to welcome them in person. The SETI project has been searching for years, using hundreds of thousands of computers to process data from Arecibo using the BOINC distributed computing screensaver.

Current Team Score from SETI

If you have some spare cycles, join my team: AstroScum — Team 747680. Our combined score is pretty good for only 3 people, but it’s tough to compete against those with access to server farms. Join my team and share the credit when we discover the first verifiable alien signals!

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